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Parkland College

Parkland College in Champaign our only designated community college in Illinois to accept the International Hearing Society’s 39-course distance learning series for college credit. Statutory requirements of the Illinois Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection Act began January 1, 2003, and requires anyone who desires to become a licensed hearing instrument dispenser to complete 12 semester hours of academic undergraduate course work consisting of 3 semester hours of anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism, 3 semester hours of hearing science, 3 semester hours of introduction to audiology and 3 semester hours of aural rehabilitation.

The Illinois Hearing Society paired up the International Hearing Society’s 39-course program to correspond with the 4 statutory categories of study and wrote objectives for each course.

The Illinois Hearing Society is very thankful to Parkland College for its vision and willingness to work with our association.

To view full requirements to be a licensed hearing instrument dispenser CLICK HERE

If you have questions regarding Parkland College’s tuition or how to petition for these hours after taking the 39 course program, contact Parkland College’s Health Professions Department at Parkland College at 217-351-2286 or ask for Health Professions through the 800 number (800) 346-8089 or go online at www.parkland.edu or call the IHS (Illinois) office for details on how the program works.

(NOTE: The Illinois Hearing Society successfully lobbied SB462 which allows the Illinois Department of Public Health to accept the International Hearing Society’s distance learning program as “equivalent” to the statutory 12 hours, and thus not requiring a transcript from Parkland College. Until the Rule for this new law is written, Parkland College is still graciously offering the continuation of the current program.)

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